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What is the 412  Leadership School?

412 Leadership School is based on Ephesians 4:12.This verse instructs us to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.A broader meaning of this verse is to enable each Christian in their reality of work, family and friends to bring a greater influence of God’s presence through their service.

This world-class video training will walk you through the necessary skills, principles, and outlook on life, to rise up in your field of interest and be the leader that God has called you to be. You will increase your influence, and grow your network while learning to reach your highest potential.

In this series you will learn…

  • How to lead
  • How to have the character of a leader
  • How to grow in leadership
  • How to increase your influence
  • How to build teams
  • Maintain your strength and energy
  • How to finish strong!

“Oral Roberts University is excited to offer the 412 Leadership School.  Dr. Rob Carman has combined years of expertise, Biblical insights and practical applications for leadership development.  Please check out the 412 Leadership School and all the ORU One Campus courses. “

Charles Scott
Executive Director of Church and Educational Partnerships
Oral Roberts University

Ginger and Rob Carman with Charles Scott

What leaders are saying about the school

“The 412 Leadership School introduces a practical universal foundation enabling each person to grow, focus, and execute their pre-ordained assignment. Dr. Rob Carman unwraps the essentials of leadership needed to transform our personal lives and those around us.”
– Abel Lopez
CLAY Student Leadership President & CEO
Master’s degree in Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.

“I met Rob and Ginger Carman almost twenty years ago. They have been coming into Southern Africa frequently over the years to teach, train and equip thousands of leaders in Botswana, Zambia, South Africa and beyond. Their leadership training is engaging and empowering. Their newly launched 412 leadership course provides “state of the art” training which is both transformational and life-changing.”
-Dr. Pearl Kupe
International President & Founder, Global Forum of Women Entrepreneurs (GFWE)

“Dr. Carman’s understanding of effective leadership is born from his experience of birthing and leading a large influential church, his knowledge of God’s Word,  and his study of great leaders throughout history. Those results produced the 412 Leadership School that is relevant and helpful to all the leaders in our church, including those that lead in their professional and business environments. Thank you, Dr. Rob, for putting together such a great leadership tool, it’s a blessing to our church and I believe will empower the Body of Christ throughout the world.”
-Andrew McLennan
Senior Pastor, 17 Mile Church, Brisbane, Australia

“Leadership is not first about leading others; it’s about leading oneself. Paul said in Romans, ‘Let God make you into a new person by changing the way you think.’ Your thinking creates your life.  To expand our lives, we must expand our thinking. Dr. Rob Carman is considered a world leader in expansive thought transformation. A real teacher opens new worlds for us, challenges us and leads us into discoveries of what we can achieve. Rob Carman does that – incredibly well.”
– Paul Louis Cole
Christian Men’s Network

“In a global world of mediocracy, Rob Carman’s Leadership 412 will awaken the greatness in you. Priceless!”
-Dr. Jerry Lackey
Founder, Love Botswana
Lead Pastor, Village Church

412 Leadership School contains:

7 Leadership Subjects on 29 videos each being 20 minutes long.

Start today to develop the leadership skills resident in you and you will receive a certificate of
completion from ORU ONECampus.

For Individuals

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For Churches

If you are a church and based here in the USA and interested in the 412 Leadership School you can help Pay It Forward.
Secure your copy of the 412 LeadershipSchool with a contribution of $700.00, or more, it helps provide a 412 Leadership School in a developing nation that does not have the resources to purchase a school.
Simply said: BUY ONE, GIVE ONE

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