Dr. Rob Carman’s Mission

Rob and Ginger were the founding pastors of one of the most influential churches in the State of New Mexico with a volunteer staff of 1,000 people. The Carmans led outreaches that impacted their city, as well as helped and assisted thousands of pastors worldwide.

May 05, 2017

C3 Rockingham, Australia with Pastor Claude Carrello

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Get to Know the Carmans

Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman have traveled to 70 nations, trained over 50,000 national leaders and have spoken in person to one million people.

Victory World Missions

Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman have 40 years of ministerial experience with 22 of those years spent pastoring. It is their desire to build a relationship with all the senior pastors and be a friend. Learn more about Victory World Missions.

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C3 Rockingham, Australia with Pastor Claude Carrello

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